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4 bicycle safety innovations great for riding after dark

by | Oct 30, 2020 | Bicycle Accidents

Bicyclists are a common sight in the Oakland area, and many use their bikes as a main mode of transportation, which sometimes means riding after dark. 

The chance of an accident happening increases after nightfall, but here are four innovations that can help ensure a safer ride. 

The laser circle

Bikesphere by Michelin is a safety feature that employs red lasers to form a protective circle around the rider. Sensors detect the approach of a vehicle and the glowing lights increase in intensity to show how much space the driver needs to pass the bicycle safely. 

The camera-equipped helmet

The Classon Helmet uses smart technology to assist a bicyclist in avoiding drifting into a vehicle’s blind spot. Cameras on both the front and back of the helmet inform of an approaching vehicle. Lights on the sides of the helmet respond to the rider’s arm movements when signaling an upcoming turn. 

The powerful cyclist light

The Fire Cannon is a bicycle flashlight that operates at four different levels from Eco to High. Top illumination is 2,400 lumens and temperature control capabilities keep the flashlight from overheating. 

The LED turn signals

Having to use one hand to signal comes with a certain loss of control, which can be dangerous. The Bicycle Winker is a system of Bluetooth-connected LED lights that replace standard bicycle pedals. When the rider pushes a button mounted on the handlebar, the respective pedal LEDs light up and flash, signaling an upcoming turn. 

Staying safe

Bicyclists have the same right to the road as cars, trucks and motorcycles but are far more vulnerable. Accidents happen, often accompanied by severe injuries, especially after dark. However, safety innovations can help the rider reach his or her destination without incident.