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4 innovative features that help cyclists stay safe

by | Sep 10, 2019 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

You may be a bicycle enthusiast and ride whenever you can make time in your busy schedule. On the other hand, a bicycle may be the primary way for you to get around in the Bay Area.

The possibility of a vehicle-bicycle accident is probably never far from your thoughts as you wend your way through traffic. Here are four innovative features to help keep you safe.

1. The “blind spot” helmet

The Classon Helmet offers the traditional design with built-in technology that informs you of an approaching vehicle or warns you of being in a driver’s blind spot. Lights on the rear and sides of the helmet illuminate in coordination with your arm movements, signaling that you are going to brake or make a turn.

2. The “Fire Cannon” flashlight

Depending on your needs, the Fire Cannon flashlight puts out the exact amount of light you need—Eco, Low, Middle or High—up to 2,400 lumens. It fits easily on your handlebars and features temperature control to prevent overheating.

3. The pedal turn signals

The Bicycle Winkler is your friend after dark. A Bluetooth-connected series of LED lights replace the regular pedals on your bike. When you push one of the buttons positioned on your handlebars, the respective LEDs light up, indicating that you are about to turn.

4. The laser circle

The ingenious Bikesphere makes you more visible at night by creating a laser circle on the ground around your bicycle. Through the use of sensors, the light from this proximity detector intensifies as an approaching vehicle draws near, alerting the driver to the amount of space there is to pass you.

If the unexpected happens

Despite your cycling experience and the safety features you employ, you could still be the victim of a vehicle-bicycle collision. The resulting injuries could be anything from road rash to broken bones or a head injury. This is the time to look into your legal options and trust the matter of compensation to a compassionate advocate who goes right to work on your behalf.