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4 tips for bicycling in hot weather

by | Apr 4, 2019 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Even though the Bay Area is notorious for its mild climate and wind, it can still get hot. A spell of heat in the 80s or 90s should not deter you from enjoying your bike. But you need to take the proper precautions to make sure you do not dehydrate or overheat. 

Riding during the summer may be more appealing than in the rain or extreme wind, but it has its own obstacles to overcome. Here are some cycling safety tips to deal with the high temperatures.

1. Hydrate

You must maintain hydration when riding in warm weather. High temperatures will make you sweat more, meaning you lose more fluids. Make sure you drink often during your summer cycling adventures. Pack a water bottle with ice cubes and make mid-ride pit stops to obtain drinks. 

2. Dress properly

There is no reason to wear a long-sleeve jersey in 70, 80 or 90-degree weather. Purchase some lightweight clothing with moisture-wicking properties. Some good additions to your cycling closet may include a lightweight base layer, full-length front zip, sweat-wicking socks and fingerless track mitts. Of course, do not forget UV-filtering sunglasses, and never go without a helmet.

3. Ride in the mornings and evenings

Take a look at the forecast before you plan out your rides. If you see a hot day coming up, prepare for a morning or evening ride. This will help you avoid severe heat. Be sure to factor in how automobile traffic may affect the safety of your ride.

4. Slow your pace

You do not need to keep the same speed or put in the same effort that you do on mild days. Take your rides a bit slower or shorter on exceptionally hot days. It is okay to give yourself time to acclimate to hotter weather.