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A brief examination of skateboarding injuries

by | Jan 11, 2022 | Personal Injury

Skateboarding started in California during the 1950s. Since then, it has exploded in popularity and even become an Olympic sport.

Like with any other physical activity, skateboarders experience injuries. Sometimes, they happen because of unrealistic ambitions. Other times, they occur due to outside factors.

Different types of skateboarding injuries

Depending on the approach, skateboarding can be extremely dangerous. Several types of harm are often associated with this beloved activity.

Broken wrists are common. When spills occur, the instinct is to reach out. The resulting break requires a cast for up to six weeks. Surgery may involve the use of pins to hold bones in place.

Skateboarders often hurt their ankles. When airborne feet strike ground instead of a board, the impact may produce a sprain or fracture.

Facial trauma is among the worst. A broken nose is unpleasant, but a shattered jaw is catastrophic. Clean breaks often heal without intervention. Fixing serious cracks will be much more complicated. Doctors screw metal plates into mandibles to keep them in place while healing occurs.

Outside causes of skateboarding injuries

Skating accidents are often the fault of their users, yet other conditions cause them as well. Someone might walk around an area designated for skateboarders. The sudden maneuver necessary to avoid hitting that person could result in a wreck. A board or helmet may have substandard manufacturing. Some instructors push students to do too much too fast. These situations are excellent reasons for litigation being a justifiable course of action.

No matter the circumstances, skateboarding accidents are traumatic. Riders hurt due to no fault of their own should seek compensation in court.