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Back-to-School Road Safety Tips for 2020

by | Aug 12, 2020 | Back to School, Distracted Driving, Pedestrian Safety

daughter mother doing homework

Back-to-school time doesn’t look the same this year. Right now, students are in full distance-learning mode, pursuant to State of California guidelines.

However, that doesn’t mean kids are staying inside all day. Many of them are getting out to socialize, get exercise and have fun (safely).

With the extra activity, it’s important to stay extra alert when you’re out on the roads. This advice applies to both drivers and students.

Just this week, a 10-year-old boy from Lafayette was killed when he collided with the back of an Amazon delivery truck. The boy was allegedly riding downhill and hit the back of the truck.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of this young man. His death reminds me to remind you to be extra careful out there.

There may be less traffic on the roads because more people are working from home and parents aren’t driving kids to and from school, but people are also stressed out and overwhelmed. Stress and overwhelm can take our attention off the roads.

Have you ever arrived at your destination and can’t remember driving there? We all have. When we’re in that state of mind—distracted—we’re more prone to accidents.

Remember these best practices to stay safe when driving, walking or biking.

• Slow down. What’s the hurry? A pandemic is no time to rush! Give yourself extra time to get to work and/or other appointments and take your time. Come to a full stop at stop signs. Look left, right and left again. Let the aggressive driver pass.

• Anticipate unusual situations. At intersections, crosswalks, and when making turns, don’t assume the coast is clear, even when everything looks clear in your rearview mirror. Look behind you for cyclist who may be in your blind spot.

• When dropping off kids at daycare, don’t double park. It make it hard for other drivers to see other vehicles and children.

• Stop at flashing crosswalks and yield to pedestrians. Slow down even when the lights aren’t blinking. You never know when someone will dart across at the last minute.

• Remind your kids to play it safe: keep devices in their pockets when crossing the street, follow the rules of the road when biking around town, and wear a helmet.

• Make sure both you and your kids wear a mask when outside the home; when you’re outdoors, wear it when you can’t stay at least six feet from others. This won’t prevent auto accidents, but it will help stop the spread of coronavirus.

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