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Better Bikeways in Oakland

by | Apr 1, 2015 | Oakland Bikeways

Ever since Oakland relaunched its Bicycle Master Plan, around 2011, the city has gradually added more bikeways along popular thoroughfares. Oakland, with the help of advocacy organizations Bike East Bay and Walk Oakland Bike Oakland, plans to create more than 200 miles of bikeways by 2020. At present, Oakland has about 52 miles of bike-specific paths and 146 total miles of designated bikeways (which includes roads with “sharrows,” the bike markings on the ground).

Oakland has a ways to go to meet its 2020 goal, but it has made tremendous progress in creating safer streets for cyclists. The East Bay Express published an excellent article recently about how Oakland can better support alternative modes of transportation.

A companion piece details some ambitious projects in the works for our city. If you’ve ridden along Broadway recently (either by car or bike) you may have noticed the repaving and striping up to 51st Avenue. The recently repaved Grand Avenue will receive more clear markings near Lake Merritt, but unfortunately, nothing new for the treacherous few blocks between the lake and Mandana Avenue.

Below is a run-down of some of the key developments coming to a bike lane near you:

• Telegraph Avenue. Protected bike lanes! From 20th to 29th, Telegraph will have parking-protected bike lanes, which means a lane of parking will separate the traffic from the bike lane adjacent to the curb. From 29th to 41st, the street will receive buffered bike lanes, which means a painted line will create a buffer zone between car and bike lanes.

• Webster. Between 14th Street and Grand Avenue, the city will add buffers to existing bike lanes, which help protect cyclists from car doors on the right and close traffic on the left.

• Lake Merritt BART. On 8th and 9th Streets and on Oak and Madison near Lake Merritt BART, the city will create new bike lanes, which will allow cyclists to travel to Jack London Square or Lake Merritt safer and more easily.

• Green Paint. Look for more green lane markings to appear on Grand Avenue and MacArthur.