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How to choose a skateboard helmet

Whether you plan to visit one of the Bay Area's popular skateboard parks or commute to your summer classes, it is important to wear proper safety gear to protect yourself from potential injuries. There are a lot of different kinds of helmets on the market, but some...

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Pedestrians’ responsibilities for safety

Vehicle accidents occur on a daily basis and leave many people with injuries. When the incidents are pedestrian-vehicle accidents, injuries tend to be much more serious. In such cases, it may be possible to file personal injury suits, but it is important to...

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Creating a strong brain injury case

Accidents happen on a daily basis, and many of them lead to serious injury. In the case that you think you may have brain injury, it may be possible to seek compensation through a personal injury claim. In order to argue a claim successfully, you must understand...

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Do you know how to safely bike to work?

Biking to work has a lot of positives – it improves your fitness, reduces vehicle-related pollution and eliminates traffic from California’s overly congested roadways. However, biking during popular commuter times puts you at an increased risk for being...

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How runners can stay safe on California roads

As a runner, nothing is better than lacing up your shoes and stretching your legs for mile after mile. Running is an excellent escape from the stresses of everyday life and offers you a chance to re-center after a long day. Unfortunately, your daily run comes with the...

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