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Hit-and-Run Victim? Here’s What To Do

This past weekend was a bad one for fatal hit-and-run collisions.   Last Friday, a mother of seven was hit and killed by a car as she ran across the street near Elmhurst United Middle School. Authorities recovered the car, but they have not found the driver....

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How to Protect Yourself in a Hit-and-run

Bobby Boucher, a 28-year-old Pittsburg resident, was riding his motorcycle on Leland Road when the driver of a 2010 Ford Fusion sedan hit and killed him. The hit-and-run driver, 25-year-old Angelo Childs, and a passenger tried to flee the scene on foot, but witnesses...

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Cyclist Hit by Motorcycle in Hit-and-Run

California Highway Patrol continues its search for a motorcycle rider that hit cyclist Nick Moless from behind when he was riding his bike on Skyline Boulevard in the Peninsula. Moless told SFGate that he heard a pack of four or five motorcycles approaching him from...

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