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During Shelter in Place Order, Here’s What’s Open

by | Mar 18, 2020 | Safety Tips | 0 comments

As you know, six Bay Area counties have ordered residents to shelter in place until at least Tuesday, April 7. During this time, all non-essential businesses and gatherings are closed or canceled.

For most of us, that means we work from home. We leave home to get only what is necessary: food and medicines.

A few other essential businesses and services will remain open, but many have limited hours or access.

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Please respect these orders. It’s what is necessary to curb the spread of coronavirus. A few weeks of inconvenience could save the lives of thousands of people.

Also know that necessary functions of our communities will continue. A few of these include:

The Courts

Courts are open only for limited proceedings. Alameda County Superior Court will hear

“no-time-waiver criminal matters, restraining order hearings, emergency family law Requests for Order,” and select other cases as “Court resources and health directives permit,” but with modifications such as fax and e-filing and telephone appearances. The court posts updated information on its website about its plans regarding COVID19.

In San Francisco, jury trials are postponed for 90 days. For other in-person proceedings, the Court encourages telephone appearances. For more detailed information, visit its website.


• Supermarkets

• Restaurants (Delivery only. Some delivery apps are waiving service fees.)


• BART, AC Transit, MUNI and the like will remain running. Use them for essential travel only. Stay at least six feet away from other passengers.

• Airports

• Gas stations

• Auto repair shops

Medical care

• Pharmacies. If you’re over 65, ask someone younger to pick up prescriptions for you if you can’t get home delivery.

• Hospitals and health clinics. Routine medical appointments and elective procedures are being rescheduled. Some appointments are being handled via telemedicine.

Do not visit the emergency room unless you have a real emergency. If you have shortness of breath with fever and other coronavirus symptoms, go to the ER, but call ahead to staff can prepare to isolate you.

If you’re having a baby, many hospitals are allowing one support person after that person complies with certain restrictions such as washing their hands and/or undergoing health screening. Prenatal visits may still happen, but check with your doctor first.

Veterinary services


• Banks

• Hardware stores

• Laundromats

• Daycare centers. Children kept in groups no larger than 12 and stay with that group every day.

These next few weeks will be critical in controlling coronavirus spread. Follow the shelter place order-it’s the law-as well as the CDC’s guidelines for protection.

If you need our services over the next few weeks, call our office at 510-893-3741 . We are working remotely, but available to help.

Photo by Jennifer Moline, Instagram