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Distracted Driver Accidents

Oakland Distracted Driver Accident Attorney

Over and over again, we are reminded of the dangers of distracted driving — talking on a cellphone while driving, texting while driving, e-mailing while driving. But still, a great percentage of the population continues this dangerous multi-tasking while operating a motor vehicle putting other drivers and passengers at great danger. The result? Countless unnecessary accidents every year, injuring and killing innocent motorists.

If you are dealing with the aftermath of an auto accident, contact Oakland distracted driver accident attorney [nap_names id=”FIRM-NAME-3″]. Your legal options may include recovering significant compensation for your injuries and other losses. Call 510-893-3741 or e-mail us today.

Distracted Driver Accident Lawyers In Oakland

There is an epidemic of cellphone use and text messaging while driving that is sweeping the country — and innocent victims are paying the price. Recent studies show that texting while driving is significantly more dangerous than drunk driving. State and federal lawmakers are slow to act, while many European countries have adopted laws banning cell phone use while driving. At the law office of [nap_names id=”FIRM-NAME-3″], we have compassion for the victims of distracted driving accidents.

Contacting A Distracted Driver Accident Lawyer

If you are dealing with the effects of an accident, our Oakland distracted driver accident lawyer can help you seek compensation for a range of expenses, including injuries, lost wages, medical bills, rehabilitation, the effect the injuries have had on the quality of your life, and more. If you have lost a loved one in a distracted driver car accident, we can help you pursue a wrongful death claim. Contact us online or call 510-893-3741 today.

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