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How Much Is My Settlement Worth?

Our firm helps personal injury victims file claims and lawsuits to address losses and costs caused by the negligence or recklessness of others. Civil lawsuits may result in negotiated settlements or jury verdicts that provide victims with the compensation that they need and deserve.

David G. Smith, Attorney at Law, has secured millions of dollars in settlements and court awards for his clients over the last 40 years in the Bay Area. We are ready to fight for your best interests and seek damages from parties at fault, their insurance providers, your own insurer or other sources of financial restitution.

Claiming Everything You Deserve

You may be able to seek three types of damages:

Compensatory damages: These damages are the easiest to prove, as they involve actual costs related to an accident or negligence, as well as lost income during recovery. An attorney can prove this liability by reviewing the damage or injury that resulted from a bicycle crash, motor vehicle accident or skateboard collision.

General damages: General damages are connected to compensatory damages, but their calculation is not so straightforward. Victims and their families may be entitled to financial damages for the pain and distress they experience during and after an accident. Victims may also require extra compensation for medical care or lessened abilities in the future. We consider a victim’s abilities before and after an accident to calculate these damages.

Punitive damages: Defendants may be further discouraged from dangerous behavior such as reckless driving through punitive damages. These are the most difficult to calculate and to obtain, because the plaintiff in civil cases must prove fault in the strictest way. California law can limit punitive damages, and appellate courts may later reduce them, so a lawyer should be experienced in calculating and pursuing punitive damages.

Don’t Go Broke After A Serious Accident

Settlements can cover an unlimited amount of compensatory and general damages, so do not assume that you do not have any options should an accident strike you or a loved one. These totals may be higher if your loved one’s life has been tragically lost in an accident, depriving your family of income and security, as well as love and affection.

We have helped countless victims and families be made as whole as possible with financial damages in the Bay Area after a motor vehicle crash or related accident. Contact our law office today in Oakland by calling 510-893-3741 to schedule a free consultation and see how we can help pursue a settlement or verdict that meets your needs.