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Injuries On Playgrounds Or School Property

Oakland School And Playground Injury Lawyers

Generally speaking, schools and school districts are very committed to keeping children safe. But understaffing is a persistent problem in many schools, and that lack of staff often leads to a lack of supervision. When adults don’t supervise, kids can get hurt, especially on the playground. If your son or daughter was seriously hurt on a school or city playground, or in school, consider talking to an Oakland playground injury lawyer or school accident attorney in Oakland today. An experienced injury attorney can help you assess whether your child’s injury was simply an accident or whether negligent supervision or some other form of negligence played a role. If it did, the school may be responsible for covering your child’s injuries.

At David G. Smith, Attorney at Law, we help parents and children injured on playgrounds and in schools. Contact our law office to schedule a consultation. With more than 40 years of experience handling injury cases, our attorney can explain and protect your right to compensation; contact us online or call 510-893-3741 today.

Playground Accidents And School Injuries in Oakland

The most common injuries we see from playground and school ground accidents are fractures (broken bones) and head injuries resulting from falls:

  • Broken clavicles and shoulders from falling off the monkey bars
  • Wrist fractures (colles fractures) from falling forward and using the using the base of the hand/palm to break the fall
  • Head injuries and concussion from falls or running into or getting pushed into play equipment

Some of these injuries can have a long-term effect. For example, a leg or arm bone that is broken in the middle of the shaft will typically heal fine. But a bone that is broken at or near a joint can develop growth plate problems. The limb won’t grow as well as it would have, and the child may wind up with one arm or leg being shorter.

Children And The Statute Of Limitation On Injury Cases

Every personal injury case has a statute of limitations — a time frame in which you must bring the case to court and after which you cannot bring a lawsuit. Generally speaking, the statute of limitations for cases involving children does not start until the child reaches the age of 18. If the responsible party is a public or governmental entity or agency, such as a school or city, the time frame by which a claim must be filed can be as short as six months even if the injured person is a child.

Parents And Child Injuries

It’s very important for parents to take their child to a pediatrician promptly, even if they think the injury is slight or non-existent. Children do not always communicate what they are feeling or what has happened. It’s the observant parent who notices small differences in the child’s behavior and takes action. If you have been told your child is fine but you still believe there is a problem, don’t be afraid to push for a second opinion or to see a specialist. Erring on the side of caution is the responsible thing to do when your child’s health and life are at stake.

Contacting An Attorney About Playground And School Injuries

At David G. Smith, Attorney at Law, we are here to help parents get the compensation they need if their child suffered a playground injury, was hit by a car when biking, was bitten in a dog attack, or was the victim of assault in school. We are on your side in negotiations and in the courtroom; call us at 510-893-3741 or e-mail us today.

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