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Hit-And-Run Bicycle Accidents

The Bay Area has made great strides in becoming more friendly to cyclists and pedestrians. San Francisco features wide esplanades near the water, and Berkeley features a bicycle thoroughfare system, while many communities have bike share options. Cycling is still not as safe as it could be, and drivers can occasionally cause problems for bicycles and their riders.

David G. Smith, Attorney at Law, offers bicycle crash victims the opportunity to hold drivers accountable for dangerous and negligent driving. His four decades of experience are an asset to people looking to recover compensation for an injury caused by another person, especially if that person refused to take responsibility from the start. Email us today for a one-on-one consultation with [nap_names id=”FIRM-NAME-3″].

There Is No Excuse For A Hit-And-Run Crash

A car or truck colliding with a bicycle is bad enough, as it can cause severe damage and injury. When a driver strikes a cyclist and fails to stay at the scene of the accident, they have committed a crime as well as causing injury. California law requires anyone who has caused significant damage or injuries in an accident to wait at the scene for law enforcement.

You should consider acquiring legal representation after any accident in which a driver fled, as a lawyer can work with authorities to identify the driver and hold him or her responsible. Eyewitnesses, nearby law enforcement officers and traffic control devices like cameras can help find the parties who injured a cyclist, and the attorney of the victim can proceed with a civil lawsuit to secure damages.

A cyclist may be entitled to a financial settlement after an accident, even if the driver who caused it is not identified. The victim’s own automotive insurance provider may be called upon for compensation in a similar way it would cover a car crash in which an uninsured vehicle was involved. If this happens to you, the right attorney can make sure any offer your insurer makes is fair before you accept it.

We Fight For The Settlement You Deserve

Reimbursement for medical expenses and compensation for pain and suffering are essential parts of recovering fully from a bicycle accident. You have the right to seek these damages from the party at fault or an insurer that guaranteed coverage, especially if an accident resulted in a significant disability.

Our law office serves accident victims in San Francisco and Oakland, and throughout the Bay Area, whether or not they know the party responsible for damage, injury or death. Contact our office today by calling 510-893-3741 for a free consultation about your personal injury case and how we can help you.