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Wrongful Death Pedestrian Accidents

Dealing with the sudden loss of a loved one struck by a negligent driver can be overwhelming. In addition to the grief, the unexpected death causes practical problems such as a family’s loss of income and expensive medical bills from the accident. Expenses can mount while you are getting your life back together, and you may feel all you need to make the situation a little better is for someone to take responsibility.

David G. Smith, Attorney at Law, practices exclusively in personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits, the legal tools that hold people accountable for reckless or negligent actions that injured or took the life of someone else. Criminal law focuses on punishing offenders for the good of society, while civil law helps victims and their survivors be made whole as much as possible through compensation.

Making Recovery Easier From A Great Loss

The death of a loved one, especially when unexpected, can come with unwelcome expenses. Medical bills and funeral expenses can add up to tens of thousands of dollars. If a negligent driver is liable for the death such as hitting a person with their car or truck, you may bring that person to account for reimbursement of these expenses in a civil lawsuit.

We all recognize that financial compensation for the loss of a life is never enough. Death causes wounds that may never fully heal. The role of compensation can ease the process of moving past a tragedy that was brought on by someone else. This is especially true if the deceased person was a wage earner who significantly supported the family.

A wrongful death lawsuit may also be good for the broader Bay Area community. Careless driving can come from patterns of behavior, such as checking cellphones while behind the wheel or habitually speeding. When this negligence causes a death, a lawsuit may further dissuade a driver from harming anyone else with irresponsible behavior.

Help When You And Your Family Most Need It

No one deserves to go through a sudden loss without help. The awards from wrongful death lawsuits or the results of settlements can give vital aid to you and your family. Awards may also encourage better driving in a community with dangerous traffic and memorialize the life lost in a vehicle accident.

Our lawyer stands ready to support you and your claim in a difficult time. Contact our Oakland office today by calling 510-893-3741 for a free consultation on how a lawsuit or settlement can help your family move on.