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Skateboarding Accidents

Skateboarding has been on the rise in the 21st century. Moving around with a good deck under your feet has gone from a sport mostly for children to a serious type of transportation as well as competition. Star boarders have raised the profile of the activity through international competitions.

Although it is more popular, skateboarding still does not get the respect it deserves. Much like bicyclists and pedestrians, boarders find themselves subjected to close passes and near misses from cars, trucks and other vehicles. Since skateboards offer no external protection to a rider above his or her feet, even a minor collision with a moving vehicle can cause serious injury, a chronic disability or even death. Should this happen to you or your child, attorney [nap_names id=”FIRM-NAME-3″] is ready to fight for your rights as a skateboarder and accident victim, fighting for the best possible settlement to help with recovery.

We Recognize The Right To Skate Safely

Skateboarders near traffic and parking lots must take care to avoid cars, people and other objects nearby to avoid collisions and possible injury. This is especially true for people using skateboards to shorten commutes to work and class. It is a good rule of thumb for skateboarders, cyclists and other people on smaller transports to always act as if drivers cannot see them and exercise defensive traveling.

One of the main tensions between drivers, skateboarders and others on the road is that they all have to share the same space. However, drivers may still be liable for damage, injury or death caused if they hit a skateboarder in the road or on a sidewalk.

California law considers skateboarders on the sidewalk to be pedestrians; the same applies to roller skaters, people using wheelchairs and anyone using a conveyance other than a bicycle. Skaters and boarders under the age of 18 require a helmet under law, while adults should consider one for their own safety.

We Help You Get Compensation From All Possible Sources

Skateboarders may need a long recovery period if they are seriously injured in a collision. This experience can cause financial problems if they force a person out of work, and it can be very expensive as well due to medical bills and new life requirements. Automotive insurance can provide financial help, but any victim, with or without insurance, should consider consulting a lawyer to explore options for recovering compensation.

Attorney [nap_names id=”FIRM-NAME-3″] has been assisting clients in Oakland and the Bay Area with personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits for 40 years. He fights for the right settlement from parties at fault, their insurers and even your own insurance companies. Call our office at 510-893-3741 for a free consultation today.