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Skateboarding Crashes Involving Head Injuries

Skateboards are one of the few types of transports that let a person get up to a high speed while standing upright with no outside protection. As a result, serious boarders should skate defensively and stay away from potential obstacles like cars, curbs and outdoor fixtures.

Falls off of a skateboard can result in broken bones and other injuries to the torso and extremities, but head injuries are of leading concern to boarders. When a person is recovering from a head injury, financial concerns should be the last thing on a victim’s mind. Attorney [nap_names id=”FIRM-NAME-3″] is always willing to handle a personal injury claim to help a skateboarder and their family seek the compensation they deserve.

Safety Is The First Concern For Skateboarders

Several risk factors exist for skateboarders, especially if they are commuting like a cyclist. High speeds can turn a head injury deadly; it takes less force than most people would think to cause brain damage. Many boarders wear a helmet while skateboarding, and California law requires helmets at all times for children.

Many people assume that skateboarders are liable for their own injuries. Many skateboarders will hold on to a friend’s car; this is known as “skitching.” In a case when a skateboarder loses his balance and falls to hit his head, the driver of the vehicle he is “skitching” on may still be liable for negligence and other charges related to the accident.

Head injuries are also more likely to be fatal than many other injuries common with skateboarders, and there have been tragic cases of a life cut short after a boarder hit his or her head after a collision. Even if a skateboarder is struck by a car or truck in the road, the driver may be liable in a wrongful death lawsuit if the collision was avoidable.

We Fight For Your Rights After An Accident Causing Head Injury

Financial damages are one of the few comforts that can be offered to a person suffering an avoidable head injury and looking at weeks or months of recovery time. The same holds for the survivors of those killed in skateboard accidents. Damages may be paid by a driver who caused the collision, the driver’s insurer or the victim’s insurer.

Many victims and their families, especially when dealing with other aspects of an accident, may be tempted to take an insurer’s first offer. Our attorney will deal with the insurance company to put you in the best position to maximize your compensation and take the work off of your shoulders. Contact our Oakland office today by calling 510-893-3741 to schedule a free consultation with a lawyer.