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Ways to Protect Children from Dangerous Pedestrian Accidents

by | May 20, 2020 | Pedestrian Accidents, Pedestrian Safety

Kids can add fun and excitement to the lives of California residents, but sometimes their impulsive and excitable natures can be detriments to their health. For example, when children are playing at parks, in yards, or on playgrounds, their high energy may cause them to act before they think and they may wind up in dangerous situations. This is particularly true when they are near roads and busy streets.

Children who chase balls, their friends, and other interesting things into roadways may not take the time to stop and check their surroundings before stepping off sidewalks. Their failure to practice self-awareness can quickly put them into harm’s way, and that harm is unfortunately often a moving vehicle. A driver who is distracted and not fully paying attention to what is happening in front of them may not have time to stop before colliding with a child pedestrian.

Child-involved pedestrian accidents are often tragic and preventable. They often happen in locations where drivers should expect to see kids, such as those locations previously mentioned but also in school zones. Children, particularly elementary school-aged kids, may be more difficult for drivers to see when they are on or near roads, and drivers who operate in these areas should exercise case to be aware of their surroundings.

When a child is hit by a moving vehicle, they and their family may have legal rights to pursue compensation for their losses and suffering. Questions about these matters may be discussed with California-based personal injury attorneys, and readers are reminded that no part of this post should be read as legal advice or guidance.

However, there are many steps that families can take to protect their children from falling victim to collisions with motor vehicles, whether they are at school, near home, or anywhere in between. The following suggestions may be helpful for parents to discuss with their kids to help them better understand how to stay safe when near or crossing busy streets:

  • When possible, cross in crosswalks and following crosswalk directions from crossing guards and signage;
  • Stop before entering a street to look and listen for traffic;
  • Put away distractions like food and books before entering roadways;
  • Do not stop in roadways and cross quickly without rushing; and
  • Cross with an adult when possible.

A pedestrian accident involving a child can be a tragic event in any family’s life. Knowing what to do and how to protect their interests and legal rights can be difficult when parents are fighting to help their child heal. Guidance may be sought from attorneys who work with victims of pedestrian and motor vehicle accidents.